Pull SMS Services

SMS communication can be two-way. When we push communication / content to a group of users it is referred to as PUSH SMS Service. If we wish to receive some communication from our target audience as a response to our communication, it is refered to as PULL SMS Service.

What is PULL SMS Service / Incoming SMS Service ?

Any content sent to a wireless subscriber upon request, shortly thereafter, on a one time basis is called Pull Messaging.
This is also known as P2A (Peer to Application) messaging. The mobile subscriber sends a message to a pre-defined keyword on a number or an independent number to request for some information or to share feedback in response to some communication.

Common Use Cases - Various information can be requested for by mobile phone owners;

Students can request for the ressults status by sending a message to a short / long code keyword. The message could

be like "Result" where "Result" is the pre-configured keyword to be sent to a pre-defined
Short Code / Long Code number.

How Does it work

When the SMS in the format specified above is sent, it is received on the number hosted on our Incoming
Service Platform. The inputs received in the incoming SMS can be processed and an appropriate reply can be sent
to the mobile subscriber requesting the details. Various checks can also be employed before sending the reply.
Using the above example we have listed some sample use cases below for reference and greater understanding;

  • Request Event Time-Table
  • Sales And Lead Management System
  • Consignment / Courier / Parcel Tracking
  • Complaint Submission with Consumer Number
  • Product Information, Features and Sales Locations may be requested for by sending SMS

There are two ways to receive Incoming Messages.

1. Shared Short Code Keywords

A Short Code is a 5 digit number on which alphanumeric keywords can be created. The customer is charged a rental per keyword. These 5 digit numbers are configured with every telecom operator and circle. E.g. 56070, 56677

Some key features of a Short Code are;

  • They are limited to receiving SMS only within the geographical boundary of India
  • The customer is charged Rs.3 for every message sent to a Short Code keyword / number.
  • The Short Code is usually utilized for mass response capturing / commercial usage.
  • Reply / Response from a Short Code keyword is free of cost.

2. Exclusive / Shared Long Codes and Keywords

The Long Code is a 10 digit number which follows the international numbering system on which alphanumeric keywords can be created. The Long Code is also known as a Virtual Mobile Number (VMN). The customer has a choice to source a complete Long Code / VMN or keywords.

Some key features of a Long Code are;

  • They are not limited to the geographical boundary of India.
  • The customer is charged a nominal cost as per the customer’s sim-plan for every message sent to a Long Code keyword / number.
  • The Long Code is usually utilized for small group response capturing.
  • Reply / Response from a Long Code keyword is chargeable.
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