Push SMS - Promotional And Transactional

Any Business Owner can utilize the SMS medium to reach out to their customer base to communicate information, updates, launch of new products and services. It is a simple and effective commnication tool with a number of advantages.

What is SMS ?

SMS (Short Message Service) is a mode of communication system that enables cellular phone users to send and receive text messages from one mobile to another. This is also known as P2P or Peer to Peer or Person to Person SMS Service.

For Business Communication purpose, the Business SMS can be initiated from a software application instead of a mobile. This is also known as A2P or Application to Peer SMS Service. Most service providers provide these SMS services with an online software panel which allows the user to send messages to large groups of people instantly.

Such services are popularly known as Bulk SMS Service or Internet SMS Service. A lot of users call such services by the following names also -

SMS Services can be categorised into PUSH SMS Service and PULL SMS Services. On this page we shall cover PUSH SMS Service. PULL SMS Service is explained in detail on page titled Incoming SMS Services.

There are two categories of PUSH Messaging Service;

1. Promotional SMS Service

Promotional SMS / Mass SMS are meant for promoting any product or service on a database of mobile numbers. It is important to know that;

  • Promotional SMS can be delivered only between 9 AM to 9 PM.
  • Promotional SMS do not delivered to DND (Do not Disturb) registered mobile numbers.

This service is popularly known by a number of names such as Bulk SMS facility, Business SMS Service, Group SMS Service, Mass SMS Texting Service, Online Bulk SMS, Online SMS Marketing, SMS via Web, Web SMS Service.

CommNest Technology is one of the Best Bulk SMS Provider Company / Bulk SMS Gateway Provider based in Delhi. The Bulk SMS charges are reasonable and a variety of Bulk SMS Packs are availble to suit customer requirements. The Bulk SMS Platform provided by CommNest is flexible with a variety of features. CommNest is an Online SMS Service Provider providing these Promotional Bulk SMS service with the help of an Online SMS Text Messaging Platform.

2. Transactional SMS

Transaction SMS Gateway Service is meant for transactional use cases which usually involve information that is important / vital / critical for the message recipient. The three main categories as per TRAI (Telecom Regulatory Authority Of India) as per 1st draft of the regulation document were;

  • Financial and Banking Services
  • Education
  • Railways and Airlines

Over the next couple of months, based on customer feedback, some more categories were added into the Transactional Category. It is important to know that;

  • Transactional Bulk SMS can be delivered anytime. The restriction of 9AM to 9PM as in the case of Promotional SMS
    does not apply to Transactional SMS.
  • Transactional SMS deliver on to DND (Do Not Disturb) registered Mobile Numbers.

The key point to understand here is that how the SMS service is going to be used determines whether the SMS service can be categorised as Transactional or Promotional.

To aid your understanding of how Bulk SMS Gateway Service can be beneficial to a small or medium business owner, we have listed some basic advantages of this service below;

  • Phenomenal / Wide spread reach of SMS - Every mobile phone supports SMS.
  • Non-disturbing mode of communication.
  • Effective, Quick & Economical mode of communication.
  • Instant feedback available whether the intended communication has been delivered or not.
  • Private channel of commuication. One-to-one communication possible.
  • SMS can be stored and read at leisure / when required.
  • Personalised communication possible.
  • Effective marketing & advertising tool.
  • Targeted communication possible.
  • Can be automated and / or scheduled.
  • Can be used for verifying customers by using OTP SMS Service

Features of Software Panel offered by CommNest - Bulk SMS Service Provider in Delhi

  • Schedule SMS & Customised SMS - Send Bulk SMS
  • Group based Messaging - Send Promotional SMS
  • API's to connect to ERP / CRM - Bulk SMS API (SMS from computer / SMS through

Internet / SMS API)

  • Multi Lingual SMS options with online language conversion facility (SMS via web)
  • Pre-defined template based Transaction SMS Gateway - Transactional SMS API
  • White labelled Panel for Resellers (SMS for business)
  • Downloadable Excel reports with Operator Level Error Code updation
  • SMS OTP Service Provider
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