Push Voice Services

PUSH Voice Services is a mode of communication that enables business owners to push / receive voice messages to a target audience mobile phone instruments or valid land line numbers.
From a Business Communication scenario Outbound Voice Campaigns can be of two types

Simple Outbound Campaigns

This refers to the scenario when pre recorded content is sent by or on behalf of advertisers and marketers to one or many wireless mobile devices at a time. The recipients receive the call, listen to the message content and disconnect the call.

IVR Based Out Bound Campaigns

IVR based outbound campaigns refer to the scenario wherein after or during the outbound call some input is required from the call recipient. These solutions are customised as per the client's requirement.
These campaigns are ideal for large scale data collection / surveys.

To aid your understanding of how Bulk Voice Service can be beneficial to a small or medium business owner, we have listed some basic advantages of this service below;

  • Phenomenal / Wide spread reach of Phone Connections.
  • Non-disturbing mode of communication.
  • Private channel of commuication. One-to-one communication possible.
  • Personalised communication possible.
  • Effective marketing & advertising tool.
  • Targeted communication possible.
  • Can be automated and / or scheduled.
  • The Voice message can use music and push the intended communication in an interesting manner.
  • Literacy ceases to be a barrier to communication as the recipients are not required to read the message content as in an SMS - they simply need to listen.
  • Multiple languages can be used to communicate effectively.
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