WhatsApp SMS

Bulk WhatsApp Service works in a similar fashion to Bulk Push SMS.

WhatsApp allows a user to push text, images, documents, audio and video files to multiple recipients. It is iportant that these recipient phone numbers are saved in the phone book.

Our Bulk WhatsApp Service allows you to push your multi-media content to multiple numbers. We provide an online panel which enables the user to upload a list of mobile phone numbers and the multi media file that is to be sent to these numbers. The following types of multi media files can be sent;

  • Image - Can be accompanied with a text caption
  • Word Doc
  • PDF Doc
  • Audio File
  • Video File

There are limits on the size of the file that can be uploaded for each of these multi media files since a large file occupies more space on the server and takes more time to get transmitted, thereby restricting the overall transmission capability. This is the reason why there is a price differential to send different multi media files.

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